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Twmpathology* Ceilidh Band

North Wales Ceilidh and Barn Dance Band

The Band for your wedding, ceilidh or festival.

"Music for dancing by musicians who dance" - This vibrant and gifted band have many years of experience of playing gutsy, foot-stomping music for ceilidh dancing and they also have a repertoire of beautifully crafted and performed songs and listening tunes. Twmpathology is the first and best choice for a superb evening of entertainment. With resident caller, the hugely popular Martin Hallett, you can be sure that your ceilidh event is in the best of hands. See our testimonial page... What people have said about us.

Photo by Dan Struthers

Events - We play for weddings, festivals, parties, student events, village fetes, PTA's, Saint's days and Burn's nights. We are busy in our local area of North Wales, which includes Gwynedd, Llyn Peninusular, Anglesey, Conwy and Snowdonia but have also travelled as far afield as Brecon Beacons to perform at the Green Man Festival and London for the St. David's Day celebrations at Cecil Sharp House. For info on open events where you can see us click here ...Some Open Events.

The Dancing - Our strong background in traditional dance means we really understand how to arrange and play for dancing and our caller has many years experience of calling and can get even the most reluctant up dancing and having fun.

The Music - We play music from all four corners of the British Isles and beyond with a good proportion of Welsh tunes, all played with drive and rhythm with a vibrant blend of fiddle frenzy, dynamic accordion and cracking guitar and bass.

As well as an excellent ceilidh dance experience we can offer insightful, touching and rousing listening tunes and songs. You can listen to Some of our music here.

Sound - We provide our own PA and can get the best sound possible from even the most challenging of venues, be it a hotel, community hall, barn, marquee or field!

To book us - email Jan at twmpathology@gmail.com or see How to Contact Us, and/or for more information please see our Menu at top where there are links to our music and comments from people who have booked us.

*'Twmpath' - Welsh word (literally meaning hump or bump) is used for the Welsh version of a Ceilidh or Barn Dance http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twmpath

'ology' - from the Greek, meaning the study of, the art of, or speciality!!!! That's us!!!

email: Jan and Alice at twmpathology@gmail.com